The Re-Birth of Fusion Grill

When the Cheungs opened the Szechaun House on 8th Street SE in 1983 they did it because the real estate was cheap and the timing was right. They were the only Chinese establishment for miles and enjoyed a long standing reputation for quality and service. “Back then,“ owner Stephen Cheung says, “people liked to go out for Chinese. But over the years the perception of Chinese food has changed from dine-in to carry out.“ But dining preferences weren’t the only thing changing. “When the city replaced the old cement slabs with brick sidewalks, that’s when my family and I noticed change was happening on Barracks Row,” remembers Cheung.

Three years ago when Stephen Cheung’s father called asking him to return to the family business or they would have to sell, Stephen saw it as an opportunity and a new challenge. “I returned to the place that put me through school, took care of me.” In his view he was at a tremendous advantage because the restaurant was already established and it was time to put in what he called “sweat equity” to bring Fusion Grill up to par with the other vibrant and popular establishments that line 8th Street, SE.

Enter Chef Lance Hanan. Recently scooped out of the kitchen of neighboring Barracks Row restaurant Zest Bistro, Chef Lance brings an impressive background of Thai, French, American and Chinese training. He immediately took to the task of reinventing the Fusion Grill menu and has concocted inventive new dishes including a Sunday brunch menu featuring ingredients bought at Eastern Market fresh every morning.

Szechaun House fans, don’t worry that better than ever menu is still available at Fusion Grill, and yes they still deliver.

Fusion Grill is located at 515 8th St SE.