Staying Cool Is Hard To Do, Use Cooling Centers In Case of Emergencies

DC Cooling Center Locations

In response to the hotter than hot temperatures in DC, the city has opened four cooling centers where individuals can go for reprieve from the heat.

District Cooling Centers will be activated from 12 pm to 6 pm on weekdays only at the following locations:

4 District Facilities
One Judiciary Square
441 4th Street, NW
Chief Louis Cannon
(202) 727-0103

Frank D. Reeves Center (Lobby)
2000 14th Street, NW
Chief Louis Cannon
(202) 727-0103

King Office Building (Lobby)
Managed by the Department of Health
3720 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, SE
Guard’s Desk
(202) 645-0300

920 Rhode Island Avenue, NE
Managed by the Department of Health
920 Rhode Island Avenue, NE
Cornell Chappelle
(202) 543-5298

Transportation can be provided to cooling centers for individuals who call 311.

Homeless individuals and persons at risk can visit cooling centers in District emergency homeless facilities. These shelters will open early at noon today and stay open until 7 am tomorrow morning.

• Open Doors (women), 425 2nd Street, NW (North Entrance)
• 801 East Homelessness Assistance Center, St. Elizabeths Campus, SE
• House of Ruth/Madison Facility (women), 651 10th Street, NE
• New York Avenue Shelter (men), 1355-57 New York Avenue, NE
• LaCasa Trailer (men), 1436 Irving Street, NW
• Adams Place Shelter (men) , 2210 Adams Place, NE
• John Young Shelter (women) , 425 D Street, NW
• DC General Cafeteria (women), 1900 Massachusetts Avenue, SE

If you see anybody, homeless or otherwise, who needs help in these extreme conditions please call 311 or the BID office at 202-842-3333.