Satin Doll, D.C. ‘Party Animal’ Elephant, Donated to Ready Willing & Working

When Lisa Saunier and her husband Carl Nielsen moved to Capitol Hill in 2003 they brought with them the Duke Ellington inspired “Satin Doll” a glamorous member of the Washington D.C. “Party Animals” Public Art Exhibit that paraded through the city in 2002. After receiving approval from the Capitol Hill Restoration Society, Satin Doll found her home in the front yard of the Saunier/Nielsen resident, at 6th and D Street SE, along with a note on the fence introducing herself to the neighborhood. Over the years Capitol Hill residents were often treated to Satin Doll’s fashionable side, including an array of festive Easter bonnets and, Saunier’s personal favorite, a furry Donkey costume for Halloween.

Now almost 6 years later, Saunier and Nielsen have moved back to their home state of Massachusetts, and on their fence, once again, is a note from Satin Doll. It reads: “Dear Friends, Thank you for your attention and kind thoughts and visits. I am moving on now to benefit Ready, Willing & Working (though the BID). When you see those guys in blue, tell them THANKS for keeping our neighborhood looking great, ok? Love, Satin Doll”

Upon receiving Saunier’s generous donation, the Ready, Willing & Working team lifted all 900 lbs of Satin Doll into the Capitol Hill BID truck, promising to clean and take good care of the glamorous elephant.

Satin Doll will be part of the 2nd Annual Magic & Miracles at The Mansion on O Street, December 17, (see the article below) as an auction item benefiting Ready, Willing &Working.

At the conclusion of this post, in honor of Satin Doll, is a youtube video of Duke Ellington playing the iconic song.