Robbery on Barracks Row Reminds Us to Stay Safe This Holiday Season

On the evening of November 7, a man entered a business on the 400 block of 8th Street, SE and stole a bag with an employee’s computer in it. When the employees realized what was going on, they chased the man out of the store but could not catch him.

Capitol Hill BID Clean Team member Bernard Addison (pictured above) witnessed the employees chasing the man. When the police arrived, Bernard was able to give a detailed description which led to the robbers arrest. Unfortunately the computer was not recovered.

The BID would like to recognize Mr. Addison for his exemplary service helping the police in this matter. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind all business owners, employees and residents of Capitol Hill to take precautions when out at night.

Keep your businesses and employees safe by following some helpful tips from the Metropolitan Police Department and the Capitol Hill BID:

  • Keep your front windows clean and clear so you can see out and police and others can see inside the store.
  • Don’t keep a lot of cash in the cash drawer.
  • Don’t keep valuable merchandise near the front door of the store.
  • Don’t keep the back door open, this is especially true for bars & restaurants when the kitchen gets hot.
  • Know your business neighbors. Close up and make bank deposits together.
  • Trust your instincts. If something feels out of place, you’re probably right.
  • Don’t let panhandlers and other vagrants congregate outside your business. Always call MPD (311 or 911) first and then call the BID if you need further help.
  • Neither you nor your employees should ever resist a robber.
  • If possible get an alarm system with an emergency alert button that is out of sight and positioned at the front counter. If you cameras, use and make them available to the police – Help be the eyes and ears for law enforcement and report criminal activity.

Should you have questions please feel free to call:

MPD 1st District Substation:
(202) 698-0068
MPD 1st District Headquarters:
(202) 698-0555
Capitol Hill BID
(202) 842-3333

Together, we can all make this an enjoyable, safe, and prosperous holiday season!