Register Your CCTV With MPD

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is reaching out to the business community to ask for your support to work together to reduce crime in our community. The following information is from a memo sent to DC Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) from MPD Chief Cathy Lanier:

You can deter crime around your business and help the police hold offenders accountable by registering your closed-circuit television (CCTV) with the MPD. By raising awareness of and telling us about your CCTV, or other video system, you can deter crime and help catch perpetrators of serious crimes in the community.

As you may know, the MPD operates its own network of CCTV cameras in neighborhoods throughout the District of Columbia to help combat crime. Although many factors help to drive down crime, data indicates that the areas with CCTV crime cameras outperformed, or had a greater reduction in violent crime than the city as a whole. In addition, video from the cameras can be used to help identify suspects and develop leads after an event has occurred.

Register your CCTV System

Registering your CCTV system can help accelerate the investigation if a crime occurs near your place of business, helping the police to quickly identify suspects and witnesses. Your participation is entirely voluntary, with no additional costs to your business. The benefit to you is the knowledge that you will be helping to prevent and deter crime in your area. A form to register your system is attached to this e-mail, or you can register on-line at the below

Publicize your CCTV System

Cameras can only help prevent crime if people know they are there. If you have a CCTV, or other camera system in your business, you are encouraged to post a sign in a conspicuous place indicating that a CCTV, or other surveillance system is in operation at your place business, and that you will share recordings of suspicious activity with the police. One is available for download from the MPD website

By working together we can make our communities safer.