Ready, Willing & Recycling

An exciting initiative to be officially announced at this year’s Magic & Miracles event will be the launch of READY, WILLING & RECYCLING, a resource recovery program providing free, efficient pick-up of laser and ink-jet printer cartridges from area businesses.

Every year over 600 million printer cartridges and toners are thrown away polluting landfills with chemicals and plastics. READY, WILLING & RECYCLING is providing the DC community with a way to help the environment and at the same time help us end homelessness right here in our Nation’s Capitol.

YOU CAN HELP! Businesses, organizations, government and individuals users can donate their, empty laser toner and inkjet printer cartridges by signing up for our FREE toner and cartridge pickup service. By participating you create jobs for the homeless and help us expand a great jobs program. Of course, you help the environment too. So GO GREEN by signing up for the free READY, WILLING & RECYCLING program.

Here’s how it works. Sign up your workplace if you are located in the downtown or Capitol Hill area by contacting Patty Brosmer at 202-842-3333 or email . In mid-December you can sign up online by visiting our website. Beginning in early 2011, we will begin dropping off recycling containers and start scheduling pick-ups. It’s that simple.

Thank you for Supporting Ready, Willing & Working!