Publisher Boxes to be Regulated by DDOT

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) recently proposed the regulation of publisher boxes, which would require newspapers, real estate directories and other similar publishers to secure permits to place distribution boxes anywhere in the District.

According to the proposed legislation:

The purpose of this rulemaking is to regulate the placement of publisher boxes on public space within the District of Columbia to promote public safety and the efficient use of public space, and to require annual permits, public liability insurance, and indemnification of the District in connection with the placement of publisher boxes on public space.  This rulemaking will also establish an annual rental fee to cover the administrative costs of permitting and monitoring the placement of publisher boxes on public space.  Additionally, this rulemaking will establish a process whereby a person may obtain a public space permit to install and maintain a publisher box corral on public space.

The legislation was published in the D.C. Register on Friday, August 23rd. This means that DDOT can begin enforcing these new rules for public space publisher boxes within 30 days.Click here for more information about the legislation, or visit