President Obama Visits Ted’s Bulletin on Capitol Hill

The President loves grabbing lunch in the BID! Last week, Mr. Obama made a stop at Good Stuff Eatery on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE for a hamburger and fries. This afternoon, he stopped at Ted’s Bulletin on Barracks Row and had lunch with some of his campaign volunteers. We hear he had a hamburger and fries at Ted’s as well!

NBC Washington was inside Ted’s Bulletin for the President’s visit, and took some great photos. Ted’s is known for their delicious homemade pastries; you can see poptarts sitting on the President’s table. Hopefully Mr. Obama and his campaign volunteers were able to enjoy the delightful treats in front of them before heading back to work.

BID Ambassador India Person and Marketing Manager Kelly Maslar saw the President’s motorcade turning onto 8th Street, SE and were able to take a picture as the crowds waved to the President.