Notes of Praise for the “Men in Blue”

The BID’s Clean Team, affectionately known as the “men in blue,” work seven days a week, 361 days a year to keep the Capitol Hill business district clean, safe and a welcoming place to be. Throughout the year we occasionally receive emails from community members about some of the ways our team members go the extra mile to help others while out on their BID routes.

Below are two emails we received recently:

Good morning, 

I just wanted to sing the praises of one of your Men in Blue who was unbelievably kind to my family today. As I was taking my kids to camp this morning, the chain on my 6-year-old daughter’s bike popped off. I was struggling to fix it — and frankly didn’t even know how to turn the bike to do it right as I stood there in my work clothes in the already hot sun.
Tony, one of your Men in Blue, was working just outside the SE Library and jumped in to assist us without missing a beat, clearly seeing I was not going to be able to fix it anytime soon. After some maneuvering around the stubborn chain guard, he managed to fix her bike and get us back on our way. 
It was so kind of him and just another example of how great the Men in Blue are at keeping this neighborhood the wonderful place we love to call home. Tony jumped in without my asking — and gave my kids an important lesson in kindness and community, along the way.
Please thank him again for us. And thank you for having the Men in Blue making Capitol Hill a better place.
I wanted to send a huge kudos to the men on the Clean Team who work hard to help our community every day. 
Specifically in just the last few days I saw two members of the team performing random acts of kindness around the neighborhood – helping a mom and little girl fix her broken bike and holding an umbrella for a woman and her dog during a torrential downpour. 
I’ve been a resident of Capitol Hill for over six years now and always appreciate the services the Clean Team provides but recently they’ve really brought a smile to my face. 
These two examples are just some of the many ways are always happy to serve you, Capitol Hill!