“Men in Blue” Provide a Helping Hand for Brent Elementary School PTA

Right: Team Member Darnell Hinton and Antoine Walker help unload a tree for the Brent Elementary School PTA fundraiser.

On Friday evening, November 30, several of the “men in blue” assisted the Brent Elementary School PTA by unloading a large truck full of holiday trees for a fundraiser.

The truck was originally supposed to arrive from North Carolina at 10:30 am. It broke down and then it was scheduled to be there at 3:00 pm.  The truck finally arrived at 9:00 pm and the guys were ready to assist!

Brent Elementary PTA member Heidi Johnson was greatly appreciative of their help: “Thanks for sending your guys! They were super hard working and helped us knock out the unloading in ONE HOUR! Very impressive work ethic.”