Meet Mickey of Michael Anthony Salon

In the wrong hands, a trip to the salon can be a nightmare. Mickey Bolek wants to do everything to avoid that. Therefore, in his newly opened salon at 661 C Street, SE; his mantra is “Feedback, feedback, feedback.”

“If you don’t feel good about what I’ve done with your hair, then I haven’t done my job.”

Mickey is a talented colorist and stylist but what really set him apart is his fluency in the language of hair. In a world where hand gestures, misused adjectives and celebrity photo’s are the common dialect Mickey is NOT lost in translation. He prides himself in the ability to pay attention to the client and what their saying, think they are saying and what he knows they really want.

“Not only does the whole salon reflect his attitude – adventurous yet
classic, fun yet poised – but it’s also right near Eastern Market on the Hill. Even with the people coming into check out his new place & congratulate him, he had the same wonderful focus on his clients, including me. The best thing about Mickey is that when I want to shake things up, he always takes care of me.”

Client – Heather Sabharwal.

Joining Mickey in the Michael Anthony Salon is Dionne Smith. She is an accomplished stylist from the Graham Webb Academy in Arlington VA and is bringing ten years of experience to the salon, specializing in weaves, cuts, and coloring.
You can go to their website at to see a full list of services or call 202-506-3609 to make an appointment.