Marine Shares His Community Service Experience with the Capitol Hill BID Clean Team

Bruce Baskerville, a young Marine stationed at the Barracks on 8th Street, SE, needed to complete forty hours of community service. Bruce had seen our “men in blue” cleaning the streets daily and asked Operations Director Andrew Lee if there was any way he could fulfill his community service hours through the BID. Andrew quickly came up with a list of tasks that Bruce could do to assist the clean team. After fulfilling his community service hours, Andrew gave a beaming Bruce a certificate of completion (above).

Below is a letter written to the BID Staff and Team Members from Bruce:

Dear Capitol Hill BID Staff and Team Members:

First and foremost I would like to say thank you to you all for allowing me to complete my community service with your organization. In my past I have done many things to earn hours of community service but never before have I been treated with the respect that I was with the Capitol Hill BID. I considered it an honor to have met some of the members in your team. They gave me life guidance, a sense of direction, and more importantly inspirational encouragement.

Now, the duties that you all had me complete were actually pretty fun. To hop out of a truck and throw trash in the back haul made me feel needed to the city. Each time I got out to do that, I would see smiles on the faces of the population. Riding around in the truck all day was nice as well because I actually got to talk to you guys and learn and gain a better respect for what you all do as a team and as an organization.

Finally, I would like to say thanks for the hospitality of buying me lunch and getting to know me as a man and not as a criminal. That shows a lot of character and what your organization represents. Continue to help out in the community and keep our streets clean. You all have truly impacted me as an individual and I will surely keep in contact.

Bruce Baskerville