Dear BID Members, Snow Storm Edition – Letter From Your Friendly Capitol Hill BID Operations Director

Dear BID Members and Friends,

In preperation of inclement weather conditions, the Capitol Hill BID Clean Teams are currently pre-treating walkways with rock salt in high traffic pedestrian areas.

The Clean Teams will continue to shovel and maintain the BID site until conditions become hazardous and unmanageable. Please do your part by clearing sidewalks in front of your businesses as well as monitoring the trash bins and recycling cans.

Additionally, DC’s Department of Public Works has announced that street litter can collections will be suspended starting Friday, February 5. Collections are expected to resume by Wednesday, February 10.

If you need further assistance or information please call the BID offices at 202-842-3333.

Thank you for pitching in and helping keep Capitol Hill beautiful and safe.

Andrew Lee,
Operations Director