DC Replacing Graffiti Covered Walls with Murals Again This Year

Last summer, the Capitol Hill BID worked with MuralsDC, the Department of Public Works, and Wisdom Cocktail Parlour owner Erik Holzherr to have a mural painted on the side of 1432 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. The mural was designed by artist Alicia “DECOY” Cosnahan and provides a welcoming entrance into one of Capitol Hill’s busy thoroughfares. Murals are not only aesthetically appealing, but they are also a deterrent against vandalism and crime.

The Department of Public Works is ready to launch its fourth year of Murals DC and is looking for building owners of chronically tagged walls who would like to donate wall space for this free program. If you are a property owner in Capitol Hill dealing with graffiti, or know someone in the District who may be interested in donating their wall space, check out the official press release.

While our Ready, Willing, and Working team does remove areas of graffiti in the Capitol Hill BID, this could be a great way to help eliminate the problem all together!