Clean Team Member Jerome Wins Essay Contest; Receives Refurbished Laptop

Throughout the year, the Capitol Hill BID will hold essay contests for its team members. It often occurs when we have a special item to give away and is used as a motivational tool to maintain our positive workplace environment. Last year, the BID received Washington Redskins tickets to give away. This year we have a newly refurbished Dell laptop that is no longer used in the office.

Nearly all of our clean team members participated in the essay contest and were asked, “What would you do with a Dell laptop and why should you receive it?” It was hard to pick a winner, but the BID executive staff decided to award the laptop to clean team member Jerome Horne. Below is his essay:

Dear Capitol Hill BID and Associates,

My name is Jerome Horne and I am writing to tell you why I should receive the Dell computer.

The main reason is that my wife of 14 years is about to complete her medical training as a Medical Assistant with her focus being coding and billing. This area of the medical field requires a computer in order to process the medical claims. She would like to do this from home because of her recent diagnosis of congestive heart failure with an enlarged heart. She doesn’t want to collect disability because she says she is not disabled. She is able to do things…great things. Right now with me being the only one working it would be next to impossible to afford a computer for her to achieve her ultimate goal of being productive in society. In addition, my youngest son Alexander who is a Straight A student 4.0 GPA every advisory has to travel to the local library in order to do most of his class assignments which require research. And as for myself…well I am I the process of learning the internet and its maneuverability from my other son Maurice who is mentally challenged but has learned to master the web and how to surf it.

Bottom line is this would benefit my family by allowing me to learn the web better. It would allow my Honor Roll son to save time by having it available at his home. And it would benefit my wife by allowing her to work from home and not have to struggle to achieve her goal and not putting her health in more danger by travelling in the elements which her doctor has advised her against.

Thank you for your time and consideration in even telling me that some things are possible and through it all I stand a chance to do better my family if chosen to receive a gift such as this.

Jerome Horne

**If you have working computers that you no longer use, you can make a tax-deductible contribution by donating them to our 501(c)3 non-profit organization Ready, Willing & Working. Over half of our team members do not have a computer in their family household. Contact Patty or Kelly at 202-842-3333 to make a donation. We can arrange to pickup the computer(s) from your business.