Capitol Hill Dentist Goes to Jamaica to Clean, Fill and Extract, for Free

Dr. Aston Greaves has been practicing dentistry on Barracks Row for over 25 years. Rodney Smith of Capitol Hill Sporting Goods & Apparel calls him a “corner stone of the community.”
So when Smith learned of Greaves shutting his doors for a week to take two staff dentists to Clarendon, Jamaica to perform pro bono services throughout the community, Smith immediately forwarded the Jamaica Observer article to the Capitol Hill BID entitling Greaves a “true hero on Barracks Row.”
“Not many people would do what he did – it is a very cool thing, and he is even going back next year to do root canals.” Smith said.

Greaves relayed that it was a “great experience, very gratifying” adding that he couldn’t wait to go back next year. Ingrid Brown reports in “Clarendon Resident Get Free Dental Care”(linked) that “On the first day they set up operation in the dental clinic at the Chapleton Hospital, Oonagh [Greaves’ wife] said the three dentists saw over 60 patients.” Brown interviewed Dr. Mitchell Nedab, one Greaves’ fellow dentists, who said “it was rather fulfilling to be giving his service to help those who would normally not be able to afford quality private dental care. He expressed satisfaction at how appreciative the patients he had seen were.”

Today Dr. Aston Greaves and his staff can be found at The Washington Dental Health Care Clinic, 729 8th Street SE, or reached at (202) 546-2202‎.
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