Capitol Hill BID Helps Combat Graffiti

Many property owners throughout the District are often faced with tagging damage on their home or business. Fortunately for Capitol Hill BID businesses, the Ready, Willing, and Working (RWW) team is available to remove graffiti from your property!

So what are the steps one can take to have the RWW team remove graffiti from their property? First, contact Andrew Lee, Director of Operations for the Capitol Hill BID at Next, you will be required to sign a Graffiti Removal Authorization document, allowing the RWW team to do what is necessary to remove the tagging. Smaller taggings can usually be resolved by using a special chemical remover, however, it is often necessary to completely paint over the graffiti. The sooner we can get to the site to remove the graffiti, the less likely it is for the tagger to return to the site and add new taggings.

The RWW team can also take care of graffiti on smaller objects which are often targets for tagging. Items like mailboxes, parking signs/meters, and newspaper boxes are hit on a regular basis, so don’t hesitate to contact Andrew Lee if you see this kind of tagging in the BID. If not removed quickly, these small taggings can become big problems.

Newspaper Box Before:

Newspaper Box After:

A little effort goes a long way in keeping the Capitol Hill BID clean, safe, and desirable to all!