Business Spotlight: Capitol Hill Fitness at 725 8th Street, SE

Capitol Hill Fitness (725 8th Street, SE) is a relatively new business on Barracks Row that helps people get in shape (and stay in shape!) through the use of circuit training.

Circuit training is a group of 8 to 16 different exercises that target the core and posture while toning the arms, legs, glutes, and abs. The combination of different exercises keeps your target heart rate up while causing muscle confusion. This workout changes weekly and allows people to gain strength, cardio, flexibility, endurance and balance. You do each exercise for 90 seconds then go to the next exercise; by the time you’ve finished the circuit you’ve done a total body workout.  Circuit 3.0 (once around the circuit) is $10.00 and the Full circuit (twice around the circuit) is $15.00. These workouts are high intensity but low impact so it is good for any age.

There is no membership fee and you do not have to make reservations to work out at Capitol Hill Fitness. There is always a trainer on site to make sure that you are doing the exercises right and to assist when modifications are needed. On Tuesdays they offer NYOP – Name Your Own Price. This means that on that day you can pay whatever you want, even $1.00, and get the same workout as everyone else. To learn more about Capitol Hill Fitness, visit

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