BUSINESS ALERT: This could affect you and your business!

DCRA’s New Basic Business License Requirements – And a Deadline to Meet

Beginning January 1st of this year the District of Columbia began requiring that all businesses that pay business taxes hold a valid Basic Business License (BBL). Businesses falling under the zip codes 20002 and 20003 have an application deadline of May 31st and June 30th, respectively.

Under the Business Licensing Processing Adjustment Act of 2008 passed by the DC Council, an estimated 10,000 previously unlicensed businesses will be required to obtain a General Business License.

Basically the language has been redefined to clearly state who should and who should not have a BBL. For nearly all cases, if you have a business tax identification number, you will be required to obtain a BBL General Business License.

The Capitol Hill BID and CHAMPS will be partnering to hold information sessions around the Hill where BBL EZ-forms will be made available and a DCRA representative will be on hand to answer any questions, comments or concerns.

Contact the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Services at 202-442-4311 or email them at to find out if you are covered. The license is $200 and covers 2 years. There is an application fee of $70 and an endorsement fee of $25 as well.