BID Taking Necessary Precautions for Extreme Heat

As a reminder, our Clean Team and Ambassadors have been impacted by the high temperatures and humidity levels this week and the BID has been taking every necessary precaution to ensure the health and safety of its team members. 

Andrew Lee, Director of Operations, monitors the temperature frequently. “Our policy is to bring the teams in if the heat index gets above 95 or the wind chill gets below 20 degrees,” he stated. “We’re constantly out checking on the men, bringing them cold water and encouraging extra breaks.”

Team member hours are adjusted so that they can start earlier in the morning and then leave by 1:00 or 2:00pm. This week the team has been leaving at 12:00pm as the heat index was well over 95 degrees.

Often the BID hosts classroom refreshers on safety, standards, and other performance-related topics in the office when the weather is inclement. The health and safety of our Clean Team members and Ambassadors is a priority, and extreme weather reminds us to be extra cautious.

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