BID Partners with DDOT to Remove Abandoned Bikes

The BID has recently formed a new partnership with the District’s Department of Transportation (DDOT) to assist with the tagging and removal of abandoned bikes within the BID’s boundaries. Throughout the BID there are instances where thieves steal tires off of locked bikes connected to bike racks. Many times when the owner returns to the bike and sees stolen parts, they just leave the remains of the bike attached to the rack rather than unlock and carry it home.

Last week, Andrew Lee, director of operations, received a stack of notices from DDOT to tag any abandoned bikes that are spotted within the BID. The bike owner then has ten days to remove their bike before the BID or DDOT will remove and dispose of the bike. So far, the process has gone very smoothly. “Abandoned bikes often become eyesores outside of our businesses,” Andrew said. “Now, rather than waiting until the city can remove the bike, the BID has permission to tag and remove the bike after ten days. We are the first BID in DC to be able to do this.”

If you see an abandoned bike within the BID’s boundaries, please call Andrew Lee at 202-842-3333 or email to report it. Below is a sample of the notice that is placed on abandoned bikes.