BID Officers Re-Elected

“Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there; they cause change. They motivate and inspire others to go in the right direction and they, along with everyone else, sacrifice to get there.” – Professor John Kotter

Board members Paul Pascal, Esq., Don Denton, and Joan Malkowski have deep roots on the Hill and in the BID, and at the March 20th Board meeting, were unanimously re-elected to serve as Chairman of the Board/Treasurer, Vice President and Secretary, respectively. We asked them what makes Capitol Hill so special to them and why they choose to serve on the Board.

Paul L. Pascal Esq. | Chairman of the Board

Paul L. Pascal, Esq. has an office that feels like home as soon as you walk in. The culture and history he and his partner have collected over the years reveals that these two have confidently settled in for good. “As a native Washingtonian, who as a young man went to the Boy’s Club on Capitol Hill and traversed the many areas of the neighborhood, it’s a very special place to me,” and that’s why Pascal &Weiss bought their brownstone on Pennsylvania Ave.

When asked why Mr. Pascal chooses to serve on the Board of Directors for the Capitol Hill BID, he said when choosing community services to get involved in “I go for the biggest bang for my buck” As is evident in his impressive term as the Past President of the National Capital Area Food Bank. Mr. Pascal believes the BID “not only keeps Capitol Hill clean and safe, but it offers beneficial work for the clean and safe team.” And that is reason enough, he says.

Finding place among many prestigious boards such as the Abraham Lincoln Institute as well as the Abraham Lincoln Forum, Capitol Hill Association of Merchants and Professionals (CHAMPS), Mr. Pascal continues to make his mark in by serving his community and pursuing the interests he and his wife Brenda both hold dear.

Don Denton | Vice President

Although, Don Denton began life on The Hill like many as a staffer in the House, he has become a positive force in the community of Capitol Hill. His love for the district is evident in his heavy involvement in the Capitol Hill community. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Capitol Hill BID and Barracks Row Main Street, as well as St. Coletta’s Public Charter School and is President of St. Peter’s Inter-parish School Advisory Board.

“After living on the Hill for over 35 years, I can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. My children can walk to school and my wife and I can walk to any number of wonderful restaurants. Shopping and dining on the Hill become real social experiences shared with friends and neighbors. All this in the shadow of the Capitol and only a short walk to any number of world class tourist destinations.”

“For my first 30 years on the Hill, like many others, I was appalled by the trash that littered our beautiful commercial corridors. No matter how hard some of us worked, we could never get a handle on the litter. With the advent of the BID, trashy streets have become a thing of the past. I am pleased to serve on the BID Board and to continue to help in any way that I can to continue this unparallel community effort.”

Joan Malkowski | Secretary

Joan Malkowski wears many hats, and looks good in them all. She is a Vice President with Jones Lang LaSalle serving as general manager of Union Station, and has served as the BID’s Secretary of the Board since 2007.

In 1999 when founding President George Didden asked her to be a part of the steering committee to create the BID she happily sported that hat as well. “It has been rewarding to see the improvements we have made on the Hill. It is important to be part of the community in which we work. I love it.”

Although Joan does not live on the Hill, working here has just as big of an impact in her life. “I love the energy of the Hill and the fact that Union Station is a large part of it.”
Joan has been involved with Union Station for 14 years now, “and the Capitol [Hill] residents and workers are very important to Union Station, therefore, I am pleased to be a part of the BID.”