Beautification Master Plan Moves Forward

BID Beautification Committee Chairman Mark Holler (owner of Ginkgo Gardens) has done his homework. As part of the Committee’s effort to create a “Master Beautification Plan,” Ginkgo Gardens was commissioned to do a study of the condition of the 400 tree boxes and 13 light pole baskets maintained by the BID, and has made recommendations to ensure the most efficient use of budget dollars while maximizing the beautification efforts.

The next phase of the master plan will include:

1) Tree box amelioration — By removing built-up mulch and improving the condition of the tree boxes, the trees stay healthier and annuals and other plantings can survive. (Important note: During this phase, most boxes will not be planted with annuals. One exception will be the new tree boxes on Market Row. Annuals will be planted as phases of the streetscape improvement project are completed.)

2) Self-watering devices for light pole baskets – 13 sets have been purchased and will be installed along with cascading petunias in the next week. The devices can hold up to five gallons of water and will eliminate the need for costly daily watering thus giving the petunias their best shot for success this year.