“Are You on Our Email List?”

Eastern Market’s grand reopening weekend welcomed hundreds of visitors, new and old, to Capitol Hill. For most, the bustling crowds are exciting, but for many local businesses it felt overwhelming.

At a recent webinar hosted by the Capitol Hill BID, business “guru” Jon Schallert recommended using these busy times to ‘data collect’, put out an email contact sheet for customers to sign up for special offers and store news. This way you are spending less time running around trying to greet each customer, and more time managing your store.

Leah Daniels, owner of Hill’s Kitchen, tried this technique out during the busy Eastern Market grand reopening weekend with favorable results. “Instead of getting worked up over sales, we tried getting people to leave their information so we can get in touch with them on quieter days” she said. “I like the idea because it is a great way to keep in touch with people, and communicate about my cooking classes and various specials I have in the store.”