Special Programs

Direct ConnectSince November 2003, the Capitol Hill business community and BID Ambassadors have had the capability of contacting a “business beat” officer directly on a NEXTEL phone provided by the Capitol Hill BID.  This revolutionary program is intended to establish a more personal relationship between MPD, the businesses and the Capitol Hill BID.

Police “business beat” officers are officers assigned to commercial areas that have seen a dramatic increase in crime.  Although they patrol other areas as well, they each are equipped with NEXTEL phones, similar to those assigned to Ambassadors, with the capability of both phone and direct connect service.

BID Ambassadors and the local business community have been able to directly contact the “business beat” officer under the following guidelines:

  • To follow-up on a 911 or 311 call previously placed
  • To get follow-up information on a previously reported incident
  • Parking issues
  • Assistance with chronic issues such as aggressive panhandling, loitering or quality of life
  • Community service and customer relations issues; or
  • With information that could assist police with a case.

Again, this program is NOT intended to replace the use of 911 or 311. Should you witness a crime in progress, suspicious activity or someone in need of police or medical assistance, the police are asking that you still immediately call 911 or 311. This is MPD’s source of tracking calls for service and aids in the tracking of crime statistics.